Happy New Year! (Or, Where are my pants?)

For better or for worse, we made it through another one.

Someone asked me to describe, in one word each, what I wanted to forget from 2011 and what I look forward to in 2012.

My answers were “Nothing” and “Everything.”

Sure 2011 wasn’t an easy run down the bunny slope.  Often I felt like a beginner on a triple black track.  It certainly had its rough spots.

Oh and there was no end to the challenges both personal and professional either!  But as one of my favorite quotations says, “Argue your limitations and sure enough, they are yours.”

As 2011 slowly slips from our memories, let us hope that the lessons learned stick with us a while longer.  2012 should be quite the challenge.

Buckle up its going to be a bumpy ride.

(Oh, I did eventually find my pants.  They were on a wonderful lady and while peeling them off her, well technically I don’t need my pants until Tuesday…)

2012 - The Magic Is Waiting For Us!

Yes, this sort of thing happens in my lab all the time.  Not scary once you get used to it.  We’ll look at new year resolutions later in the week.

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