Vibrator Addiction (R-R-R-R-R-Really?)

Vibrator Addiction.  Next on DrTim.  Stay tuned!

The question has been raised.  What are the pros and cons of using a vibrator and can you become addicted?

From bumblebees in a hollow piece of wood to today’s finest metal, plastic and motors, vibrators are a big, big seller.  There are many articles on the history of vibrators. You should look them up.  I’ll wait…

Now that you are either completely knowledgable or thoroughly confused, let’s take a look at the vibrator.  Why does it exist?  Isn’t a dildo or strap-on good enough?

While vibrators have been around for a long, long time, most people believe that they were invented to cure hysteria in women.  Yep.  Only women suffer from hysteria and the only cure is a good orgasm.  Except, back then, hysteria was an excitable condition and women didn’t have orgasms.  Well, the good ones didn’t.  And after all, who isn’t calmer after a good cum?

We’ve come a long way baby!  So, in my warped little mind, here is why they really invented the vibrator.  It has nothing to do with the failure of many men to help their partner achieve orgasm. (Well, maybe a little. See my post about the Amazing Clitoris. (

My belief is that it was either a well-intended lover who created it for their Lady or the Lonely Lady herself.  Dildos have existed much longer than vibrators.  Since the Dawn of Man, we have been looking for things to stick into our orifices.  Us and the bonobos.  We like it.  It feels good.  And we are all really sex-oriented creatures who if we could, would just eat, sleep and fuck like every other animal on the planet.  Blogging?  Who would have the time?

Back to the vibrator.  Dildos are great.  They are sweet, smooth rides that don’t pinch us or pull our hair during the act of masturbation.  However, they don’t move the same way.  I want to believe that the vibrator was invented as an attempt to replicate the heartbeat and quiver of your human lover.  We do not just insert and lie there. Well, the good ones don’t.  But just by being alive we transmit a hum, a frequency, a throbbing to let you know we are there and experiencing emotion.  A dildo is like a Honey Badger.  The Honey Badger don’t care!

But a vibrator!  Ah!  That hums, it vibrates, it has a throb that lets you know it is there and means to take care of business!  It can send your nerve endings into overdrive. Which brings us to Vibrator Addiction…

Does it exist?  I don’t know.  If you research and study long enough, you may find just as many arguments for vibrator addiction as against it.  As for me, I don’t happen to believe in many “ailments” of the modern human.  We seem to be, as a species, intent on discovering conditions in an attempt to cure whatever behavior we do not like in ourselves.  Why?  To make money and let the World know that it is Not Our Fault.

So why use a vibrator?

It is quick, clean, teases us just the right way and it doesn’t snore.  Seriously, vibrators massage our muscles to relieve the tension.  And a little clitoral stimulation is a good thing.  Some folks like to have a vibrator inserted deeply and feel the throb.  It’s all good.  You should buy one.  Or two.  Or twenty!  (Just make sure to look for Doc Johnson on the label!  If it’s from the Doc, it is as good as cock! TM)  Be sure to buy lube too!  I’ll tell you why:

Everything is better with a bit o’lube on it!  If you vibrate dry, penetration is difficult, and you may over-stimulate the nerve endings in your clitoris.  If you over-stimulate, the nerve endings will shut down and you might think that you broke your clit.  You didn’t.  You just gave it an owie.  Take some time to relax.  If you already had an orgasm, slip into a warm tub and soak.  And keep you fingers off it for a while.  It is the same with men.  If they jerk off without lube, the penis becomes a bit numb, delayed ejaculation, chafing and bleeding.  If this is the case.  Just stop touching it!

The lube will keep things slick and moving.  Can you become addicted to masturbation?  Um, I think we all are addicted to masturbation.  It feels good and releases endorphins.

Can you become addicted to vibrators.  Well, sure.  People can become addicted to anything if the set their minds to it.  (We like to use the word Fetish instead of addiction for fun things.)  I wouldn’t recommend using one every time though.  Mix it up, get a human partner, enjoy all of the sensations that life can give you.  However, if you can no longer orgasm without mechanical help or by masturbation, maybe you should talk to someone.  After all, humans were built as social creatures for there is strength in numbers.  But if you are happier that way, who am I to talk?  Be happy.  Sex is whatever you want it to be and as long as you are not damaging anyone physically, emotionally or mentally, have at it.

To sum up:

Pros: Fun, easy, endorphins, easy to hide, easy to clean, won’t hog the covers

Cons: Too much can numb the nerves, can’t hug you after a bad day, never cooks

So like I said, buy sixty or seventy and try them all.  But in my humble opinion, vibrators are the most fun if you use them together.

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Why Use Lube? (Or Caution, Slippery When Wet!)

Why on earth would anyone use a personal lubricant?  Don’t you know that “If it ain’t Spit, it ain’t Love?”

(Plug: Watch for Sasha’s Love Spit Lubricant from that amazing manufacturer Doc Johnson!)

So, other than paying Dr Tim’s salary, why would anyone use a personal lubricant?  And why are there different kinds?  What’s the dealio?

First off, paying my salary to keep me off the street is a fine and noble reason.  Imagine the trouble I would get into if I didn’t have a place to go during the day.  Now imagine the trouble I get into playing in my laboratory every day.  Now try not to imagine me “testing” all of my lubes and potions.  Yep.  Keep me off the street.  Society will thank you later.

But there are serious and fun reasons to use a personal lubricant as well.

To begin, some women have trouble lubricating naturally.  This could be from a physical or psychological problem.  If you are one of these women, there is no shame in visiting your physician to rectify the situation.  Life is rough with all that stress of daily living, the demands of children and significant others, working in this economy and the joys of menopause can really dry you up.  You are the main reason that personal lubricants were invented.  Everyone should have a fair chance to enjoy sex.  And without lubrication, sex is a rough road to travel.

Technically, personal lubricants were invented so that the doctor could use a speculum or other device in his office without requiring the ladies to become excited enough to self-lubricate.  Dang decent of them.  Now if only they wouldn’t keep those darn tools in the freezer before using them on us!  In fact, one of my favorite lubricant ingredients was designed for pre-lubricated enema tips.  The tips were lubed up and set in an oven, uncovered for over four months.  And they were usable afterwards!  Although I would hate to have been the one upon which they tested them.

And there are lots of fun reasons to use personal lubricants too!  They work great with dildos, vibrators, strap-ons and can be flavored so that your partner doesn’t only have good taste, they taste good too.  And since we are talking about fun uses, let’s talk briefly about the back door.

YES!  Dr Tim Talks Anal Sex Again!  ( and

The anus and anal canal is favorite place to play for many folks.  However, while the anal canal is technically a mucosal membrane it does not self-lubricate the way a healthy vagina does.  You need lube.  Especially for those strap-ons!  Word is, that if you use a warming lube, it will overload their senses hopefully sending them orgasmically out of control.  Be careful, you have been warned.

So why are there so many different types of personal lubricants?  Why are there so many types of shoes?  Different lubricants for different needs and tastes.  Let’s do a brief overview:

Oil-based Lubes:  Some people use baby oil, Crisco or massage oils for lubricant.  Nothing wrong with that.  But remember, oils will rapidly degrade latex, you know, condoms.  Weakened condoms equal broken condoms.  Broken condoms can equal pregnancy or disease.  Pregnancy or disease lead to more complicated lives.  Keep your head in the game people!  Oh yes, these can stain your linens and lingerie.

And Heaven Forbid if you ruin their latex clothing with oil.  That stuff is expensive!  Oil works, its inexpensive and probably everyone has one form or another in their home.  I do not want to know what happened to the olive oil in my kitchen when my son came to stay with me for a while.  (I know.)

Water-based Lubes: Everyone is probably familiar with KY Jelly, one of the best-know personal lubricants on the market.  Not everyone loves it, but hey, the trend had to start somewhere.  So, water-based lubes contain lots of water, a couple of slippery ingredients and preservatives.  Just about any product that is mostly water needs preservatives.  Now some people don’t like certain preservatives and some people don’t care.  You may notice that some of the global companies use preservatives that are out of vogue, but have worked safely for fifty years or more.  Really, this is up to you.  Read my posts about parabens if you like.  (,,

There can also be nice things like flavor, aloe vera, chamomile extract and other fine skin care items.  Folks love these, but they can have a tendency to dry out (water, remember?) and have to be re-applied since your man is a marathon sled dog!  (Go get ’em stud!  You are a Stallion!)  Personal preference, you love them or hate them.  They tend to wash out easily.

Silicone Lubes: Now these bad boys are made from silicone and are different from the others.  Long-lasting, can work underwater and for my money, give the best ride.  Try Doc Johnson’s new iLube!    Drawbacks?  Well not all silicone is created equal and some are definitely better than others.  They could possibly stain your linens depending on the fabric and silicone is not inexpensive.  This is probably the most expensive type of lubricant.

Condom-Compatible?  Well, oil isn’t.  But water-based and silicone can be condom compatible.  But here is the catch: To claim that a lubricant is condom-compatible, it must be a registered medical device and have gone through rather extensive testing including the condom tests.  This takes time and a fair chunk of money.  If you aren’t sure if the company is telling you the truth, call their information number and ask for their 510 (k) number.  It is public information.  Or you can search for the company on the FDA website for medical devices.  But that can get complicated.  You techies out there shouldn’t have a problem though.

To make a long story short, (TOO LATE!) try out some different kinds of lubricants and see which one your prefer.  I prefer that you try all of Doc Johnson’s lubricants first!  Please!  Keep me off public access television!

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