Happy New Year! (Quiet, I am still recovering…)

Happy New Year everyone!

A fresh year is stretching out in front of us.  Another chance to make a difference!  (Remember when we were going to change the world?  Well, we are.)

Full of potential.  Full of opportunity.  Full of second chances.  Full of something…

So how did you spend your celebration?  I recall the year that I jumped nude into the Long Island Sound at midnight.  Talk about cold!  Not to mention shrinkage!  (Actually there were several of us who ran to my house up the hill from the beach and piled in front of the roaring fireplace directly afterwards.)  That was a good year.

This year I was in bed at midnight.  You know me, if I am not in bed by 10:00 PM, I go home!

But, I was in bed with company and thought, “What a perfect way to bring in the New Year.”  So intimate and warm.  No we did not have simultaneous orgasms on the final stroke of midnight.  That stuff is for stories.  But we did get up afterwards for some blueberry pie.  With real whipped cream too!

Pie, love, warmth, happiness and some great sex.  Makes one realize that this is the meaning of life.  Nothing else really matters.

So for the New Year, love yourself.  Let yourself love others.  Let others love you and it will be an amazing year.

You know, I am really looking forward to it.