Fashion Week!!! (Looking Good, Feeling Better)

It is Fashion Week in New York!  What a wonderful time of year.  Brisker temperatures, changing colors and hundreds if not thousands of Fashionistas invade the Big Apple!  All the major designers, all the major models all in one place making a difference in the way we look and dress.  It is truly inspiring.  Their influence is undeniable.


You may ask yourself, “Dr. Tim!  Why are you so interested in Fashion Week?  Isn’t your area of expertise a bit more private? (S-E-X?)”

Sure it is!  But what makes you think that fashion and sex are not connected?  After all, isn’t everything you do, done by design to get laid?  Don’t lie to me.  How many of us would bathe, shave, style our hair or dress in the latest fashion if we were not concerned with attracting a potential mate?  We are all connected.  Fashion, cosmetics, sex toys and lubricants.  (Did I mention the big Health and Beauty Aids show going on in NYC during Fashion Week?  It makes me giddy!)

Humans are wired to procreate.  And being human, we do it in all sorts of delightful and delicious ways.  Peacocks may show off brilliant feathers, crickets sing songs, and people, well people dress up and strut on the runway.  And how about some of those fetish outfits for making a statement?  Leather and latex are amazing materials.  If only I could get a bag and shoes to match!


All that brings me to sex toys.  Yep.  Sex toys.  After all, there are only so many basic shapes that can practically be inserted or rubbed on yourself.  So why do companies bring new ones out each year?  

Dildos are like shoes.  Why would you need more than one pair?  All the Ladies should be laughing at me for saying that.  You need many pairs of shoes!  Work shoes, play shoes, party shoes, shoes for running, shoes for walking, shoes to impress, knock me down and fuck me pumps, and the list goes on and on.  (Technically I do not believe that there is an end to the list.  At least no woman I know has ever owned enough pairs of shoes…)


Guys, you aren’t much different.  Gym shoes, office shoes, basketball shoes, golf shoes, take out the trash shoes, etc.

How about that new commercial for the deodorant?  “I use all the different scents because I’m a man.”  You don’t always want strawberry-flavored lube either!  Sometimes you don’t want any flavor, or you need lime, black currant, water-based, silicone – whatever gets you through the night.  You need options!  The toys and lubes need to fit your mood and situation.

Sex toys, you need one for private action, one to share, one for vaginal, one for anal, one for oral, one for fun, one for punishment, small ones, big ones, enormous ones, vibrating ones, pulsing ones, still ones, electric ones, machine-driven ones, suction cup ones, black, white, mocha, glowing green, gold flakes.  Come on people!  Open up, expand your horizons!  This is more than simple fun.  It is fun with style!  And no matter what your kink or preference, we have something to help you maximize your orgasm.  Dare to desire! (TM pending)

I’ve read where folks have bought solid gold sex toys, some with diamonds.  Those are great items if you can afford it!  Just like the latest purse.  Why let the designers and models have all the fun?  I read the color forecasts put out each year to help determine what we need to make for next year.  What woman wouldn’t like to be able to color-coordinate her boudoir accessories?  Getting turned on in a nice purple/black peignoir with matching mules and then reach for a fluorescent orange dildo?  I think not!  Or having a steamy, dirty, greasy encounter with ropes in an alley and you pull out a “Hello Kitty” vibe?  (Well, maybe that one could work…)

It is fall.  Fashion Week is about to go into full swing.  You should too.