Trade Show Fever (Part Two)

And if the ANME Show was not enough excitement, next came the XBiz Show and with it the XBiz Awards.  That was one amazing night!

Ron Braverman, my Boss, received the Industry Pioneer Award.


The Man, The Legend.

Many of you young folks do not remember back in the 70’s when what we were doing was not considered exactly legal.  Sure, today you can order any type of sex toy from the web (except in a few states) and wham, bam it is at your door.  No, these are the pioneers that stood up and declared that everyone has a right to an orgasm they way they want it!  Much secrecy and hard times a-plenty.  But these folks stood tall and pushed forward.

He was introduced by his son, Chad Bravermen in a truly moving speech.

Chad Bravermen, the next generation.

But Chad was not the only family that was there for Ron.

The Braverman Clan

When the award was announced, the Doc Johnson table went wild!

We are so d-mn proud!

And his smile lasted long after he left the stage.

All smiles!

Remember: He did this for you.  A good 36+ years defending your right to cum as you please.  Standing up to governments trying to make this world a better, more empowered nation of sexually fulfilled people.  Satisfied people are happy people and happy people, well they have no limits, do they?  Ron Braverman fought in the trenches so next time are about to rub one out, dedicate it to Doc Johnson.  Now get out there and win one for the Doc!

It's all for you, Baby. Enjoy.


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  1. erica
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 14:34:41

    Wooo! You got pictures!

    Great blog post!


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