Real Men Do Cry (Part II)

It has been a year since I posted this:

What have you done since then?

Have you volunteered anywhere, made a donation, been a positive force in the world?  Have you gone out of your way to help anyone?

It is never too late.  Here are some resources for you:

Do you remember?  I do.  There is a lot of pain in our world.  People everywhere need help.  Real help.  It is a never-ending battle for humanity.  Yet some would rather hurt others instead of helping them.  I don’t understand that.

What are you going to do today to make a difference?  And why don’t you do it every day?

Time to not just talk the talk and actually start walking the walk.

I’ll talk to you later.  Right now it is time to do some good…

Veterans’ Day (A moment of silence please)

We tend to get wrapped up in our daily lives.  Can’t help it.  We’re only human.  Rushing here and there going to work, the store getting coffee.  Bitching about old people driving or walking slowly.  Maybe we are forgetting something.

Honor your Elders

These brave men and women gave everything they had for us.  We owe them our respect.  They earned it.

And not everyone came back.

Freedom is not free

Thank you for your service.  G-d bless the USA and those of you who keep us safe and free.

Real Men Do Cry (Never Forget…)

To Absent Friends...

Where was I that day?  I was in bed.  I was laid off and feeling sorry for myself.  My phone rang and someone asked me if I heard the news?  “Who cares,” I said, “same old, same old.”  I turned the TV on after they hung up on me.

I saw, I heard, I got my ass out of bed and went to the blood bank.  Then I maxed out my credit cards sending what I could to those who needed it.  Needless to say, I no longer felt sorry for myself  I was in shame of my selfishness.

From that day forward, mankind has been my business.  I don’t give till it hurts, I give till it’s gone.  I am a religious man.  And I pray every night for strength and guidance to go forward, helping whomever I can.  And I can’t save everyone.  And I thank G-d for all of the unsung heroes who put their lives on the line for others.  The work is never-ending and the burden is great.  We need everyone to help.

Never forget.  Never stop trying to end Hell on earth.  I love you all and there is nothing you can do about it.