Always Sniffing Around (or Smell My Fetish!)

Scent memory.  Ever heard of it?

Well, if you are an actor, you are probably familiar with sense memory.  That is where you tap into your inner self and pull up a special memory to recreate how you felt.  And scene…

Scent memory is a part of that and so much more.  In fact, the sense of smell is very important to sex.  Possibly the second most important facet!  And yes, I do believe it ties into fetishes as well.

There is a new study from the Weizmann Institute of Science led by graduate student Yaara Yeshurun.  The research appeared in: Current Biology, DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2009.09.066.  It states, basically, that the first association with a smell gets etched into the memory.  And based on follow-up experiments, that association cannot seem to be erased.  In fact, it seems to become a mental reference point.

I feel that it may be deeper than that and associations could change, the brain can be re-programmed, but additional stimuli would be needed to accomplish it.  Let me over-simplify…

For example, if you came from a home where Italian food was prevalent, you may associate the scent of lasagna with whatever your home atmosphere was, either warm and fuzzy or cold and argumentative.  However, if your partner played footsie with you to completion under the table at an Italian restaurant, you may now forever associate the scent of lasagna with foot-assisted orgasm.

This is where I feel fetish and smell meet.  Leather folks seem to really, really love the smell of leather.  Is that due to the amazing sex?  Did their first sexual experience have them bent over a saddle?  Maybe the back seat of a ’65 Mustang?  Who knows?  But the scent of leather takes them to a special place.

So if your significant other wears makeup, when you kiss them does it intensify the feelings and lead to arousal?  Perhaps the scent of the makeup takes you back to that first encounter when the smell of her makeup and the taste of her lipstick are so fresh you can still experience them?  Maybe your first encounter was in the woods, or in a rest stop bathroom, or an adult bookstore.  All of those places have certain scents that would arouse excitement in you.  I have a friend that can’t perform unless he smells lavender since his first series of encounters took place in the home of his girlfriend’s grandmother.

Another study found that a scent that sparked arousal in virtually all of the men they tested was the smell of fresh-baked cinnamon rolls.  Go figure.  They make my mouth water, maybe my stomach will growl, but that is about it for me.  Have hot chocolate brewing when your lady friend comes over and see where that leads.  Maybe a hint of peppermint will turn up the heat.  Does apple pie fresh from the oven put a sparkle in your eye?  Cinnamon is apparently very sexy!

What scents do you use around the house or on your body.  Why did you choose those particular fragrances?  Learning about your fragrance preferences will tell someone a lot about you.  And they do!  A savvy partner can learn more about you by observing your home than by talking to you.  If you paid attention, you would know yourself well-enough to drop most of your insecurities.

Are you aware that behavior is influenced by aroma?  Stores, schools, prisons and workplaces have experimented with scent as a means to motivate, pacify, urge and focus.  You may have not noticed the scent, but it was there.  It is a very sneaky world.  If your partner needs a special favor from you, do they cook your favorite meal or wear that special perfume?  Yep.  Thought so.

Women understand the power of fragrance.  Do you?

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