Happy Spanksgiving! (Or How I learned to Stuff It!)

Ah the holidays!  The weather turns cool, the air has a certain tang and the circle of life heads towards the finish line.  Well, at least in Los Angeles the air always has a certain flavor and growing up in snow country I am still confounded by California people who light their fireplaces when the temperature drops to a chilly 65 F.

However, cool weather send folks indoors.  And what happens indoors?  I mean, what could happen when you are snuggling under blankets, darkness looms at 5:00 PM and the light from the fireplace makes your partner look so enticing?

Good sex is what happens!  Maybe even great sex! 

And there are all sorts of fun games we can play on the holidays.  Perhaps one of you could pretend to be the turkey about to get stuffed.  I believe that you have to give the turkey a thorough rub-down with butter first, followed by a nice spanking, right?  When the red timer pops up on the breast, you know it is ready!  Mmm, gravy… 

If the Native American Princess saved the Colonist, what reward did she require?  They didn’t call him Lockjaw for nothing you know.   Was an ear of corn the first strap-on?  Why is it called a “tee-pee?”  Perhaps all of your friends came over for an amazing “feast.”  Did you invite the neighbors?  Remember, there’s always room for Jello.  And whipped cream.

Or maybe you could lie in front of the fire and see who’s corn pops first.  The varieties are endless.

Hey, I don’t judge.  I just want to hold the camcorder!  So let your imagination run wild!  Grab your partner(s), condoms, lots of lube/sex toys (Daddy needs to get paid!) and have a great time.  Ol’ Dr. Tim wants you to have a joyful and fulfilling Holiday Season.

For Thanksgiving, I am thankful for family, good friends, open-minded friends, willing friends, warmth, caring, that I have food in my belly and a bed under my butt.

I am also thankful that Hanukkah starts in a week.  That means we get to do it for eight crazy nights in a row!

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