Asian Chicks (Or, With Six You Get a Yawn!)

All right, I haven’t been around as much as I should.  What can I say?  Dr Tim is in big demand.  (Or so my cat tells me…)

Kristina Wong.  If you do not know who she is, find out.  Kristina is an amazing performance artist who tells it the way she sees it.  Fearless.

Today, she released a series of six shorts on YouTube about Asian Women and how men seem to perceive them.  She is accompanied by (should-be) well known writers and directors reading from books about Asian women that were written by white men.  Check it out, this is eye-opening to say the least.  For my adult movie fans, perhaps you will notice appearances by Asa Akira.

Dr Tim had some of those same misconceptions until he was 11 or 12 years old which was during the Vietnam Conflict.  My mother overheard something I said about Asians and swiftly corrected my misconceptions.  Forcefully and painfully.  After the rage passed, she taught me better.

Please note that while you laugh (as I certainly did) these books were written to be taken seriously.  That’s right, Asian women are just objects that can be characterized by gross generalizations that demean and dehumanize them.  While I chuckled during the videos, it was uncomfortable, because I knew that I was being called out for past behaviour.


Bottom line: We have to stop objectifying each other.  To misquote a book, “The only sin is to treat people like objects.”



I’m Alive!


Such a year of changes and excitement.  Time to get back to it and do it until you are all satisfied.

Catch me in Burbank at ANME this weekend.  Sunday is the best day to find me.

In the words of a great philosopher, “I’m back, baby!”


Hey true believers!







Trying to raise some cash for men’s health.  Prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.

This time, it’s personal.

Has this Ever Happened to you?



I’m Coming! (Back)

Yes True believers, I am returning.  Many life changes have happened to ‘Ol Dr Tim, but I am alive and sexually active in the big, bad city.

Someone get me a necktie and it had better be red!

Yes We Can!

AVN2016 O


Sexting (or, check your phone!)

Sexting is awesome!  Fun, titillating and gives me a reason to not hate having a smartphone.

However, it is also fraught with danger, especially for children.  But for adults, a recent study shows so much benefit from nasty texts.

88% of the folks in the survey admitted to texting.  Almost nine out of ten.  That is a whole lot of data usage.  And it turns out that women tend to send sexts instead of receiving them.  Food for thought?  And that almost 75% of the respondents exchanged sexts with a committed partner.  Warms the heart.  As mentioned in the article, perhaps that is one way couples can talk about sex if a face-to-face discussion would be too intense for them.  I am certainly in favor for anything that improves communication between partners.  With luck, sexting fantasies can make their way into the bedroom, boardroom or even the garage!

As stated in the article, “But greater sexting frequency was linked to greater sexual satisfaction among both men and women, particularly when sexters were in a relationship, the survey found. In fact, with the exception of those who said they were in a “very committed” relationship, couples who sexted more often were more likely to say they were satisfied with their relationship. For those in very committed relationships, sexting made no difference in sexual satisfaction, the study found.

By contrast, sexting had little effect on sexual satisfaction for people who weren’t in relationships. Twenty-six percent of the group described themselves as single, the survey found.”

So for better or for worse, sexting is here to stay.

So how do you feel about sexting?  Dr Tim certainly enjoys it.  And knowing that those sexts are out there in the cyber universe doesn’t bother me in the least.  Oh my goodness, the government might discover that I enjoy sex!  Heavens, I feel that I may swoon.  And for those of us that work too much and play too little, it seems as that is as close to “afternoon delight” as most of us get these days.  In fact, perhaps the mighty Doc Johnson could help make your sexts a little sweeter to your sweetie.

Imagine sending a little something using some of these items:

2301_15_BX 2301_18_BX 2301_20_BU 8125_17_BX 8125_20_BX

That will light up their eyes and fire that devious imagination.  But then that is probably why you sent them a sext in the first place!  Have fun, win awards and as always, keep sending in those naughty sexts and videos.  Dr Tim loves each and every one of you!


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