Memorial Day

Memorial Day.  Today is set aside for us to remember all of those that fought while wearing our country’s uniform.

I have a great deal of respect for the men and women who serve this great nation every day.  Putting themselves in the line of danger to protect us and keep us free.

As an older man, I now realize that the wars will never end.  There will always be conflict between those who would destroy our liberties and ourselves.  And many more young men and women will die.

There is nothing I can do to change that.

But the ideal and Dream must be kept alive for our children and beyond.  All men deserve a chance to make it or break it on their own.  On their terms.  And that cannot happen if opression is given free run over the world.  Some cannot fight, many are too frightened to fight.

We are the Land of the Free because of the Brave.  Where darkness lurks, we shall shine a light to drive it away.

Thank you.  Thank you to everyone serving and that has served in the defense of this great country, who is will to risk all to give a chance to the rest.


To Departed Friends:

Memorial Day is here again,

It seems the war never ends.

Thank You to all of you that served

And a prayer for our departed friends.

God Bless America and Those that Serve.


Remember, now and always.

Quick Note

I am moving all of my poetry to a new blog:

You have been warned.

3-Minute Poem (or, Wookies? Seriously?)

Kids today like fantastical things,

Androids, computers and Wookies.

I’m old-school, and loves me some

Fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.


It’s true.  Bring me some fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies and you will see that gleam in my eye.  Be ready for a XXX throw-down.  And remember, I am the Undefeated Championship Belt Holder!

(If you can’t deliver the cookies to me in-person, please enclose naughty photos with your package…)

And He Waved Goodbye (Saying, “Don’t You Cry!)

I love my lab, I really do!

So it’s with great dismay,

That I must leave it empty for

An extended holiday…

But do not worry.  I’ll be back again someday…

Yes, it is time for Christmas break at the Great Doc Johnson.  I may take next week off, but do not let that prevent you from sending in those cards, letters, pictures and videos!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

And for my friends that do not celebrate Christmas, Whoo-Hoo!  For here and now we are alive.  Enjoy what you have with those you have.  And be sure to give the gift of love to those you meet.  And the gift of Doc Johnson toys and lubricants to those you “meat.”

3-Minute Poem for Thanksgiving (or Somebody please stop him!)

Thanksgiving is fast approaching!

Time to perform your best kitchen tricks.

Don’t worry if things turn out dry because,

There’s nothing that gravy can’t fix!

3-Minute Poem (You Have Been Warned!)

The days grow short, the nights grow long.

October brings the chill of fear.

Except in retail where we say,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday (Can’t help meself…)

Friday is my longest day,

The time drags on so long.

I just can’t wait for Friday night

And get my ice cream on!

3 Minute Poem (or, Why Can’t He Just Stick to Science?)

Yes, here is another 3-minute poem from Dr Tim for the holiday.

Why do I call it a 3-minute poem?  Because I refuse to take longer than three minutes to write one.  Cuz you see, man, if you take the time to re-write and edit, it’s no longer real.  It doesn’t have that organic flow and awkward meter.  Ya dig?  Crazy.  Here we go…

Happy Birthday USA! (by Dr Tim 2011)


Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness

Is what they promised me

To live this lifetime free and bold

Was my opportunity

The world says that we’ve gone soft

And we have lost our way

I say America still shows her strength

Every Independence Day

G-d Bless America, Her hopes, Her goals

G-d Bless our Troops so true

When Evil struck, to destroy our dreams

We bled Red, White and Blue

We do not cower, we do not fear

Keeping peace is never fun

But I can guaran-damn-tee you that

Our colors will never run

Now I’m older, beaten on life’s anvil

And long for yester-year

Yet still if you insult my Land

You’ll get a boot right up your rear

Yet on cool, dark nights

Perched high in a tree

I think of things long gone

Let me tell you two or three

For baseball, I miss Willie Mays

For potato chips, please bring me Lay’s

For picnics were the greatest craze

For the holiday, let’s take off the next three days!


So cool cats, next time we’ll talk about SRS, Dilation and why you need a good lube around the house.  Later Daddio!