Parabens – Part III (More Info Still!)

Here we are, back again to the parabens.  It may seem like this is a never-ending debate.  But that is fine with me.  Further debate leads to further investigation.  And further investigation may eventually lead us to some solid answers.  I’m a scientist.  I like solid answers, but truth is ever evasive.  As long as everyone is different, there may never be a final answer.

So let’s take a look at the latest information.  It comes to use from the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) through the European Commission.  It is an independent non-food scientific committee with no financial gain from industry for their work.

The “Opinion on Parabens” paper can be found here:

It is some 35 pages long and gets deep into scientific lingo.  So I will try to sort it out for you.

Most parabens are OK.  Methylparaben and Ethylparaben are restricted to 0.40% by weight while Propylparaben and Butylparaben are restricted to 0.19% by weight.  Oh, if more than one paraben is used, they are restricted to .80% by weight in a formula.  Sound good?  Most cosmetic/personal care/personal lubricant formulations do not ever use them at that high of a level.  The most I have ever seen is around 0.40% by weight when using three of the four.

So looks like we are home and dry?  No.  We haven’t really even reached for a warm fluffy towel yet.

The Commission wants more data.  The rat and mouse models (yes, animal testing) do not have enough correlation to a human model.  They are asking for more in vivo human tests.  (In vivo means testing on a live creature, in vitro is testing in a petri dish.)  There are a few other parabens which have not been tested, but no one uses those in and personal care application.

It appears that parabens whether applied subcutaneously or orally rapidly metabolize into PHBA which is found in all plants and is expected to naturally occur in humans.  It is quickly passed through the system through our urine and faeces.  However, intact parabens have been found in the urine and/or serum and seminal plasma.

That is why the SCCS set the above stated limits, because they need more data.  They set the threshold much higher than the Industry’s recommendation.  Enough animal tests, we need to test on humans.  Pretty scary, huh?  Want to be a human test subject?  I would!

Bottom Line Straight from the Report: 

With respect to the safe use of parabens as cosmetic ingredients, concern was expressed as to the potential endocrine modifying effects of parabens of higher chain length including Propylparaben, Butylparaben and related iso compounds. Benzylparaben was also of concern. Based upon the currently available in vitro data and in vivo rodent test results, the SCCS agrees that the estrogenic properties displayed by parabens appear to increase with increasing chain length. Nevertheless, the SCCS stresses that the displayed potency levels remain about 3 to 6 orders of magnitude lower than the potency of the positive controls.

So the jury is still out, but the deliberation is drawing near a close.  We should have more definitive answers in 4-5 more years.  Stay tuned…

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Happy New Year! (And it looks great!)

Here we are again.  Another year older and deeper in debt.  But, most of us are still working, are relatively healthy and get enough to eat.  Yay us!

I get comments from folks that my job must be a non-stop thrill-ride.  That I must have more fun on a Monday morning than most people do all weekend.  And they are mostly correct.  However, there is also great sacrifice and dedication that goes into my work.  Do you think I would give anyone a product to try that I haven’t used myself?

No, I wouldn’t.  And I wouldn’t expect anyone to try anything that hasn’t been tested on myself or one of my lab slaves.

Let me tell you about sacrifice.

There are a couple of major trade shows going on this week and weekend.  There will be toys, lubes, dvds, major porn performers and more!  But do you think these things just happen?  Heck to the NO!

I spent my New Year’s Eve weekend testing new products with a most wonderfully open-minded group of like individuals.  (Some of whom you have seen in films…)  There were women, men, trans, midgets, all colors, shapes and sizes, you name it, they were there.  We started Friday afternoon and continued on to Sunday Lunchtime.  And let me tell you, there was no toy, lube, position, combination or video left undone.  Nothing was left unprobed.  Some products passed with flying colors.  Some went to the recycle bin.  Most were used up and worn out.  Just like us.

The lubes had to reduce the friction co-efficient adequately to facilitate multiple rounds of penetration of varying depths and rates of acceleration.  Which means they had to be slippery as all get out, fast or slow and last long enough for everyone to be happy.  There were all types of products to lube, eat and drink for every occasion.  (Most of which are still Top Secret so I can’t tell you much yet!)

The Good Old Doc himself went into sensory overload more than once.  And I am pretty experienced so that should tell you something.  It was probably Monday afternoon before the buzzing in my ears stopped.  Oh the toys!  The colors, the colors!  Oh the humanity!  Thank goodness they finally untied me.

But we did it.  For you.  Because we care.  Your pleasure is our business and we aim to please.

So next time you think we have some of the best jobs in the world, think again.

We do…

Resolved! (Is it even possible for me to be better?)

Good Old Dr Tim has come to your rescue and jotted down some ideas for 2011.  Give them a shot…

Resolutions for the New Year:

1. Enjoy myself more. 

How can I enjoy myself more?  Well, as the old song says, “Masturbation can be fun!”  Really, if you are single, partnered or married a little bit of self-love is a wonderful thing.  After all, how can you direct your lover to your most sensitive erogenous zones if you don’t know where they are located?  Let your hands roam your body, do it in front of the mirror, with your eyes closed however you like, but leave no inch of skin untouched.  Discover what a light touch vs a heavy touch does for you.  Ah, the things you will discover!  While you are at it, get a nude full body massage.  Personally, my favorite bits of a full body massage are my head and my feet.  Who knew?

2. Enjoy others more.

Take the time to pay very close attention to your partner and loved ones.  Just like you, there are probably things they would enjoy if they knew about them.  Give them a slow sensuous massage and see where it leads.  Pay attention to those out-of-the-way spots and build up the sensations.  Tease, tease, tease, tease some more, then taste.  Unbelievable!  They go nuts!

3. Try new things.

Buy lots and lots of sex toys sold by Doc Johnson!  Do it!  (Remember?  I work there.  ‘Nuff said.)  I have it on excellent authority that the Pocket Rocket is magic!  (I use one too…)

Seriously, try new things.  Share a book, video, sex toy catalog (hint, hint) with your lover.  Talk openly and as honestly as possible about new adventures.  Back door?  Yours or hers? Check out my archives.  There is an excellent article about strap-ons (, anal sex (, the clitoris (, premature ejaculation ( and more!

4. Open yourself to love and forgiveness.

And start with yourself.  Nobody is rougher on me than I am.  My dear, dear friend Taylor opened my eyes though.  Once I forgave myself for my shortcomings and began to like myself better, well everything changed.  My eating habits got better, I slept better, I exercise more, weight is falling off of me too.  That woman probably saved my life.  Love you!  So scoff if you like, but it really can help.  And when you are open to love, you are open for business.  A good positive vibe is very sexy and draws people into your circle.  Several of them would probably love to sleep with you too!  Saddle up!

5. Talk to someone.

It is a wonderful thing to be open up and express yourself without fear of recrimination.  Freedom never tasted so good.  You are not alone in your thoughts.  Hopefully your partners can do this with you.  If not, do you have a friend with whom you can discuss anything?  A therapist?  Or an unshockable group of warm caring folks?  (Check out my Blogroll.  One of the world’s best is there.  I’m looking at you Dr. Suzy!)

6. Summing up.

To quote a fictional character from a book, when asked to explain the universe he said, “It’s a funny old world.”

So relax, open up, enjoy yourself more and you will see that you didn’t really have to change much at all.  2011 looks like it is going to be another wild ride.  So buckle up, grab some condoms, sex toys from Doc Johnson and full speed ahead!

And if you don’t find your favorite fetish discussed or have a question, write to me!  We can also go into greater detail about older posts.  I’ll answer your question and will probably dedicate a post to it.  My email address is:

Major Turn-ons (Not for Everyone…)

Today’s Early Morning Question:  Dr Tim, what is your number one, mind-shattering, earth-moving major turn-on?

Since it was barely 6:30 this morning, my first response was, “Breakfast?”  After all, isn’t that something a man yearns for every single day of his life?

My answer was deemed unsatisfactory.  Imagine that.  Now imagine Dr Tim imagining that.  Now imagine Dr Tim imaging that while wearing a speedo and furry boa.  (I’m in your head forever now…)

Turn-ons.  The magic fetish that sends your libido into overdrive.  Yes, a turn-on is considered a fetish.  And although the word ‘fetish” has been co-opted by television and the movies to mean “hot babe in leather” it is a much more complex than that.  (Do not stop sending me those pictures of hot babes in leather though.  I’m writing a paper, yeah that’s it!)  Even the media is beginning to loosen up.  I was watching “Attack of the Show” recently and have been enjoying the WTF segment.  They have shown America several interesting fetishes that may shock, amuse or bore you.

Lipstick fetish – the application of multiple layers of lip color.  Sometimes garish, mostly elegant.  This appears to be a more specific version of a make-up fetish stemming from young folks watch their Mother go through their make-up ritual every day.  It truly is amazing to watch the transformation.  The art, the precision, the glamour.  Really, I could watch and watch unless we are late for our reservations.

Vacuum beds – where a person is put into a giant latex bag and all of the air is removed leaving the person immobilized and helpless.  Now there is some hot sweaty fun.  The two hosts took turns in the bag and their reactions were priceless.  The fact that this was being performed by a hot babe in fetish gear did not hurt.  It helped build the scene.

Ear Cleaning – this may have been a spoof, but how good does it feel to use that cotton-tipped stick in your ear?  Uh-huh, thought so.  I never thought about taking it further, but it looks like it works!

So a fetish can really be anything that gets you going.  Shoes, stockings, army boots and kick to the nads, whatever.  I have a lady friend that loves to clean house.  It gets her warmed up and then she rides the vibration of the vacuum cleaner to climax.  Hey, I don’t judge and my place gets a thorough cleaning to boot!

Whatever puts you in motion is fine.  Just make sure that all the players are on board and nobody is made to do something they don’t want to do.  (By force or guilt.)  If your fetish concerns non-consenting partners, please get help.  You may have some issues and that just isn’t healthy.

Oh, my major turn-on?  I may be showing my age, but my biggest turn-on is intimacy.  Yep, having that special someone who knows everything about you and sleeps with you anyway!  It goes both ways and that is very exciting for me.

Have fun, play safe and keep those cards, letters, pictures and videos coming in!

Always Sniffing Around (or Smell My Fetish!)

Scent memory.  Ever heard of it?

Well, if you are an actor, you are probably familiar with sense memory.  That is where you tap into your inner self and pull up a special memory to recreate how you felt.  And scene…

Scent memory is a part of that and so much more.  In fact, the sense of smell is very important to sex.  Possibly the second most important facet!  And yes, I do believe it ties into fetishes as well.

There is a new study from the Weizmann Institute of Science led by graduate student Yaara Yeshurun.  The research appeared in: Current Biology, DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2009.09.066.  It states, basically, that the first association with a smell gets etched into the memory.  And based on follow-up experiments, that association cannot seem to be erased.  In fact, it seems to become a mental reference point.

I feel that it may be deeper than that and associations could change, the brain can be re-programmed, but additional stimuli would be needed to accomplish it.  Let me over-simplify…

For example, if you came from a home where Italian food was prevalent, you may associate the scent of lasagna with whatever your home atmosphere was, either warm and fuzzy or cold and argumentative.  However, if your partner played footsie with you to completion under the table at an Italian restaurant, you may now forever associate the scent of lasagna with foot-assisted orgasm.

This is where I feel fetish and smell meet.  Leather folks seem to really, really love the smell of leather.  Is that due to the amazing sex?  Did their first sexual experience have them bent over a saddle?  Maybe the back seat of a ’65 Mustang?  Who knows?  But the scent of leather takes them to a special place.

So if your significant other wears makeup, when you kiss them does it intensify the feelings and lead to arousal?  Perhaps the scent of the makeup takes you back to that first encounter when the smell of her makeup and the taste of her lipstick are so fresh you can still experience them?  Maybe your first encounter was in the woods, or in a rest stop bathroom, or an adult bookstore.  All of those places have certain scents that would arouse excitement in you.  I have a friend that can’t perform unless he smells lavender since his first series of encounters took place in the home of his girlfriend’s grandmother.

Another study found that a scent that sparked arousal in virtually all of the men they tested was the smell of fresh-baked cinnamon rolls.  Go figure.  They make my mouth water, maybe my stomach will growl, but that is about it for me.  Have hot chocolate brewing when your lady friend comes over and see where that leads.  Maybe a hint of peppermint will turn up the heat.  Does apple pie fresh from the oven put a sparkle in your eye?  Cinnamon is apparently very sexy!

What scents do you use around the house or on your body.  Why did you choose those particular fragrances?  Learning about your fragrance preferences will tell someone a lot about you.  And they do!  A savvy partner can learn more about you by observing your home than by talking to you.  If you paid attention, you would know yourself well-enough to drop most of your insecurities.

Are you aware that behavior is influenced by aroma?  Stores, schools, prisons and workplaces have experimented with scent as a means to motivate, pacify, urge and focus.  You may have not noticed the scent, but it was there.  It is a very sneaky world.  If your partner needs a special favor from you, do they cook your favorite meal or wear that special perfume?  Yep.  Thought so.

Women understand the power of fragrance.  Do you?

Parabens – Part II

Sparing you any pithy comments, here is an article from which can be found here:

New data on parabens suggests no adverse hormonal effect on the body
By Katie Bird, 18-Nov-2009
Related topics: Formulation & Science

The industry awaits the judgement on parabens following the release of further data on skin absorption and the distribution of the chemicals in the body.

Florian Schellauf from industry trade body Colipa presented the findings from a recent study on rats at a conference organised by the Scandinavian Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCANCOS) in Sweden.

The study was performed at the request of the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) (formerly the SCCP) for more data on the longer parabens, propyl- and butylparaben, following research that claimed the commonly used preservatives may affect the reproductive and hormonal systems of the body.

According to the study data presented at the SCANCOS conference, in rats, parabens are well absorbed after oral administration but only partially absorbed after dermal exposure.

In addition, the data suggests that the compounds are fully metabolised before they enter the blood stream.

Blood plasma tests highlighted only the presence of a paraben metabolite PHBA (p-hydroxybenzoic acid) and no concentrations of the parabens themselves, regardless of which paraben was used and how it was applied (oral, dermal or subcutaneous).

According to Schellauf, PHBA is not known to have any estrogenic effects and is found widely in plants and human food, so trace exposure in the human organism poses no health risk.

“The study confirms the results of a number of research studies, which concluded from their work that parabens are metabolised rapidly and to a large extent in living organisms and therefore cannot exhibit any adverse effects,” said industry trade body Colipa.

The study will be submitted shortly to the SCCS, which will have to come to a decision on whether this new data means the acceptance of methyl-, ethyl, propyl- and butyl-parabens as preservatives in cosmetics products, should remain unaltered.

According to Maria Lodén founder of Sweden-based consulting firm Eviderm and a member of SCANCOS, a decision from the SCCS can’t come soon enough.

Anti-paraben stance

A number of consumer groups, environmental organisations and some industry members have taken an anti-paraben stance which may not be based on respectable scientific evidence, she said.

For example, the Nordic Swan, an environmental label well known in Denmark and Sweden has said products aiming to gain its label cannot contain parabens. Following the release of this new data and the SCCS’s forthcoming opinion, Lodén believes the Swan label should change their criteria and allow the compounds.

“My interpretation of the current data is that, in addition to methyl- and ethylparaben, also propyl- and butylparaben will represent the safest option for preserving cosmetics in the future,” she said.

“The society anxiously await the final SCCS report on the issue to reduce dissemination of misleading information on parabens,” Lodén added.

Me again –

WOW! It looks like scientists may not have been lying to you!  Of course I blame the Media…

Eat it? I just want to lick it!

Here is a question I hear fairly often, “Hey Dr Tim!  Is that edible?”

Quick answer, “Does it have Nutrition or Supplement Facts?  If not, no!”

So what about flavored lubricants, gels or lotions?  If they have flavors, they must be edible!

Yes, we make these!

Yes, we make these!

No, not really.  But here is the thing.  Have you ever heard of incidental ingestion?  Let me explain, if you have ever used for example, lipstick or lip balm, you have accidentally eaten some of it.  If you have ever kissed someone wearing lipstick, lip balm or lip gloss, you have consumed some.  Who hasn’t kissed someone and licked their lips afterwards, especially if they are using that yummy new acai berry/pomegranate lip gloss (now with kiwi!)?

Kiss me now!

Kiss me now!

That is incidental ingestion.  With flavored lubes, haven’t you ever pounded it hard and long, then given it a quick kiss of gratitude afterwards?  Well, would you rather take away the slight taste of strawberry or the industrial taste of a high-functioning, chemical tasting lube?  Thought so.  me too.  Strawberries are just so much tastier than motor oil.

So why don’t flavored lubes have nutritional facts?  You are not supposed to eat them!  If we wanted you to put the anal jelly on your toast, we would have that cool box with the information about calories, trans fat, etc, etc on a label sans naked people with a grocery store friendly name.  The same goes for lotions, creams and such.  Remember Jessica Simpson?  Her line of “edible” cosmetic products were actually called “kissable” after the Regulatory Department got through with it.

Desert Beauty

And what about those throat numbing mints?  Well, those don’t have nutritional facts because they are drugs!  They need the drug facts box on the label.  Yeah, it gets complicated.  But if you want to play with the Government, you really do have to play by their rules.  (Unless you are a real gambler.  But when you get caught, you will wish you hadn’t!)

We make these too!

We make these too!

Supplements meant to be consumed have different rules too!  They need supplement facts about daily values and junk.  Confused yet?

So lubes aren’t food.  Drugs aren’t food.  Supplements aren’t food.  Only food is food!  Follow the directions!  If it does not have nutritional/supplement facts available, it is not supposed to be eaten, chugged, or swallowed in big mouthfuls. 

And if someone wants you to eat it, ask them to take the first swallow.  That’ll separate the wheat from the chaff.

Take Your Time! (It’s not a race to the grave…)

Practice what you preach.

Being the father of a 17-year-old boy, this phrase echos in my head quite frequently.  Today I stopped to think about that and what it means to my career and my life.

I can guess what you are thinking.  “Oh great!  A maudlin, self-indulgent rant in an attempt to cleanse his soul and make peace with the world since his life is probably well past half-over.”

Close.  (Sure enough, Horowitz playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata just came on my iPod.)

Can't you just hear it?

Can't you just hear it?

This is a short spiel about longing, need and redemption.  I am a big believer in redemption.  I believe it down to my bones that we can pull it off.  Let’s get back to the point.

Folks talk about what is good for you.  What you should eat, how to have sex, how to live your life.  But do they ever follow their advice?  I knew a sexologist who no longer had sex because they were tired of it.  If one does not stay up to date on their chosen field, how can they teach?

Last month I talked about sex toys and fashion.  What the heck do I know?  Well, plenty.  I personally have over two dozen pairs of shoes, more jackets than I can ever wear and a whole dresser full of sex toys and lubricants.

And I take the time to use them.  Why promote or sell something that you would never use?  My first question when I make something in the lab is, “Would I buy and use this?”  If the answer is “No!” then I go back to the bench and work it out.  I won’t even accept a “Maybe.”  If I won’t use it, how could I expect anyone else to use it?

You may laugh, be shocked, disgusted or wonder exactly what toys I own and use.  Really, that’s none of your business.  You have to buy and download the clips off the internet like everyone else.  But even though I work at one of the largest adult novelty manufacturers in the USA, I don’t use everything they make.  Because it is not right for me.  And that is the point of this convoluted missive.

Have you ever done anything willingly or been talked into doing something of a sexual nature that left you feeling dirty, despairing and crying?  I hope not.  That is not a very good place to be emotionally.  If you did it to please someone else, that was probably not a good idea.  Despite the backlash I may get from a few communities, no one really wants to feel used and unloved.  Nobody.  And that is not a healthy outlet for your sexuality.

Lie down and tell me all about it...

Lie down and tell me all about it...

My parents, always told me to wait to have sex as long as possible.  Do you think I listened?  Not a chance.  As a wise woman told me once, “I get in where I fit in!”  And guess what?  I had many Walk of Shame moments.  Some of which are forever recorded and out of my control.  That’s life.

So what did I do?  I took the time to learn about my own particular sexuality.  I used many types of toys and implements of mass destruction.  And I learned what works for me.  Who works for me.  What styles work for me.  I learned my personal rhythm.

Did I need the toys?  Sure!  But to (badly) paraphrase Carlos Castaneda, not every pupil needs the same stimulants.  Do you need sex toys?  I hope so!  I get paid that way!

So when you talk to your children or nieces/nephews or whomever and tell them that sex is a wonderful, sacred thing.  Are you speaking from experience or just talking out of your ass?

Take some time to experience truly good sex.  Either by yourself or with someone.  Experiment, find out what makes you tick.  Find your personal rhythm.  Tap into the Orgone energy of the universe.  (We will discuss Orgone energy and Wilhelm Reich later.) 

Orgone Box

Orgone Box

Harnessing Orgone Energy




Enrich your life and soul with uber-satisfying orgasms and feel the love of the universe.  (Oh yeah, use my products too!)  Either every day is sacred or none of them are.

Be good to yourself.  Practice what you preach.

I’ve got a good feeling about this…

Who’s Got Them? (Besides me…)

“If all of your friends jump off a bridge would you jump too?”

Sound familiar?  And not just from your Mother either.  I bet you hear that from your Regulatory Departments at least once a week.  And just like Mom, you sometimes ignore the advice and end up paying for it later.  And those particular lessons can be very costly indeed.

Ethics.  Some folks, particularly those in government, think our industry does not have them.  Well, we do, but like another thing Mom told us, “One rotten apple can spoil the barrel.” 

And so it goes for all of us.  All it takes is for one dishonest manufacturer to bring the FDA, FCC, and many other organizations down upon us.  And what could trigger such devestation?  Unsubstantiated claims for one.

Have you ever read the copy on a jar, a pamphlet or package and think, “Wow!  This is amazing!  Not only will it give me earth-shattering orgasms, but it will cure my STD’s too!”  If you did, there is a problem.  Anything that cures a condition is a drug.  Drugs require lots of safety testing, proof of efficacy, a special license and a boat-load of money.

I can pretty much guarantee that no adult novelty company is filing any New Drug Applications.

“But wait Dr. Tim!” you may say, “You make OTC Drugs!”  Yes we do, but there is a monograph that must be followed, specific language that must be used and other certain limitations which must be followed.

There is a big difference between “Delays the onset of premature ejaculation” and “Last ten times longer!”  Guess which one is correct.

Basically, if you claim it, you have to be able to prove it.  Phthalate-free is popular these days, but you need proof from your manufacturer that the product is indeed Phthalate-free.  It does no good to say it just because you believe it and then Greenpeace or someone tests it and calls you a liar in the media.  Unless you are a movie star or rock star, bad press is not good press.  And if you make drug claims, you better be able to back them up and have yourself and your product registered at the FDA. 

Yes, it does take time and it does cost money to do everything correctly.  But if you do, when the sweep comes, you may just be the last man standing.  Right next to me.

Ethics.  Got ’em?

Tricky, tricky, tricky (or The Economy and You)

So, how’s it going these days?

A little rough?  Yeah, here too.  I mean the economy, the environment, politics, well everything is getting complicated.

For example: To save the Earth, stop using plastic bags!  Makes sense.  Plastic takes a long time to break-down and quite frankly the landfills are stuffed with plastic bags and bottles.  But guess what?  I put “Plastic bag manufacturer” + “plant closure” into a search engine and discovered that globally over 30,000 people have lost their jobs due to factories that make those plastic bags have had to close!  Decreased demand equals decreased supply equals decreased employment.

The economy is tanking, people are losing their jobs and you would rather save the planet?  Like I said, tricky.

And that brings me to sex toys.

How?  Easy.  When my mind gets frantic with political correctness, war, trauma, the economy, etc, nothing clears the mind better (in less time than time than meditation) than a good orgasm.  A good orgasm clears the mind, relieves the stress and generally brightens the day.  Now when it comes to orgasming, I’m a pretty handy guy. 😉

But sometimes you need more to really make it memorable.  Whether you are with your significant other, a friendly group or flying solo, toys and lubes can help.  And while there are many, many excellent products on the market, you should buy everything that my company makes.  (Remember the bit about decreased demand?  Daddy needs to get paid!)  There are all types of strokers, dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, cock rings, pumps, lubes, creams and stuff for every taste and every flavor.  If you aren’t sure what to buy, ask me!  I can help.

“But Dr Tim!” you say, “Everything seems so expensive!”  Well, yes.  Good sex toys can be pricey, but look at it this way: You could buy a sex swing, a good vibrator and some lube or go on vacation.  A vacation is over in a week, but those sex toys are something you will have for a long, long time.  (Apologies to Woody Allen.)

So leave your inhibitions at the door, grab your favorite partner or toy, put Skinimax on the flat screen and get it on!  Remember porn stars only have you in mind!  And do what they do just for you and at some level of personal risk as well.  God bless them one and all!

Slide it, slip it, clamp it or tie it.  Whatever gets you there.  I don’t judge, but studies have shown that folks with frequent sexual activity tend to be more even-tempered, calm, cool and collected.  You are cool aren’t you?  Some say that everyone should have at least three orgasms a week.

So I’m doing my bit.  How about you?

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