Cuckolds (or Hook ’em Horns)

An interesting question was posed to me this week.

Why are cuckold films so popular?

I have no idea.  However, I do know a little bit about the Hot Wife/cuckold phenomenon.

Some of you have already gone to Wikipedia to look up “Cuckold,” so I will just give the brief alleged origin of the term.  You see, there is this bird called the cuckoo.  Besides living in clocks, the female will lay its eggs in another birds nest so that someone else raises the offspring.  This is a similar deal.  Hot Wife goes out and gets knocked up by a man other than her husband so that the husband ends up raising someone else’s kid.  There is often denial of sex for the cuckolded husband.

How do these people’s minds work?

Lots of answers of which all or none of may be correct.

1. The stress of sexual relations is too much for the husband.  He wants his wife to be happy so he gives her permission to get the sexual satisfaction she deserves.  Very selfless and giving.

2. The husband feels inadequate and grudgingly gives consent for his wife to get what he cannot provide.  i.e., multiple orgasms, a large cock, a “real” man, group sex, etc.

3. The husband is unaware that his wife is getting sexual satisfaction elsewhere.

4. The husband may just get his jollies watching and doesn’t care for real sex.

5. The husband may be into humiliation and lets his dominatrix wife do as she please to torment him.

6. The wife’s sex drive may be too big for him to accommodate.

7. The husband is bi and gets off being the beta male.

8. There may be blackmail involved.

Some folks will say this is not right, but if everyone is happy with the situation, who are we to comment?  If they are unhappy, well hopefully they will find some help to change their circumstances.

We need to be careful not to confuse cuckolds with swingers.  A cuckold may be a swinger, but not every swinger is a cuckold.  In a swinging relationship, each partner has sex with however many people they desire.  In a cuckold relationship, the Hot Wife gets to have sex with however many people they desire and the cuckold is either faithful or abstinent.  Sometimes they add interracial play for more humiliation.  (Side note: Dr Tim does not believe that having sex with someone from a different race would denigrate anything.)

And do not confuse a Hot Wife with a Slut Wife.  Remember, the Hot Wife has a husband at home who gets no action from his lawfully wedded bride.  Everyone gets the Slut Wife.

A friend of mine who practices this lifestyle tells me that it is the toughest thing in the world for him, but seeing his wife’s happiness makes it all worthwhile.  For years, he told me, she would cuckold him by using toys.  She had him go buy different dildos, vibrators, lubes and lotions.  (All Doc Johnson products!)  Then she made him watch as she pleasured herself.  At first, she let him masturbate while watching.  After a while that stopped.  They purchased a strap-on and a male chastity device.  His junk was locked up and she would use the strap-on to stretch his orifices.  Eventually she started meeting other men and bringing them home to fuck so he could watch.  And yes, he does clean up the cream pies.  Currently he has been in that chastity device for over three years.  They seem very much in love.

How does Dr Tim know so much about his friends’ sex lives?  I get invited to either participate or hold the camcorder.  (I love holding the camcorder!)  In a way, I am a documentarian of sex in America.  I just don’t own any of the footage.

So why are cuckold films becoming so popular?  My best guess is that more and more people are finally becoming more secure in their sexuality.  Men want to fuck other men’s wives and “conquer” their husbands.  Some men want to watch their wives lose themselves in orgasm at another’s hands.  Some men have little to no self-respect and are self-destructive.  (Not nice to make the wives a party to that!)  Some men are submissive and don’t want rights, they want duties.

Some women like having multiple partners, or humiliating/hurting their husbands, will do it to please him or any of a myriad of reasons.  I also read a paper that explains that cuckolding is the first step in establishing a World Gynarchy.  Subdue your husbands and take control kind of stuff.  Scary.

If cuckolding is for you, go get it!  Just remember to love yourself and others.  If you guys truly love each other, there is no wrong way to express it.

Trade Show Fever (or, I am not an ANME-AL)

Well, maybe I am.  Seems there were a couple shows presenting “Implements/Accessories of Personal Sexual Empowerment Strategically Designed for Human (Singular or Multiple) Ascent towards La Petite Mort.”  (Sex toys to get y’all off!  On your own or with friends.)

Of course, I will be covering the ANME show.  That stands for the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo.  And since Doc Johnson is one of the Founding Five, we had a ginormous booth!  Yes, there are four others, but hey, this is about us.

Oh the glamour!  Oh the toys!  Oh the lubes!  And even some most excellent eye candy was on display for everyone to enjoy.  Many of my readers have not heard of this show because it is not open to the public.  It is, as they say, B2B or Business to Business.  Folks who sell to folks who sell to folks who sell to folks who use the products.  Manufacturer to Distributor to Stores to You!  Sounds complicated, but it really isn’t.  Just the American Dream in action promoting Freedom of Speech, the Right to Our Own Bodies and money.

Our theme was the “School Of Doc.”  We had a classroom where one could touch, feel and learn all about our very cool products.  We even had video in the background!

Don't Be Late For Class!

Oh Yeah!  We had candy in class.  Bet you never had that before, did you?  (Culinary and confectionary schools don’t count…)  And guess what?  We had a faculty there to show, teach and learn with you!

Nerdy but Dirty Faculty of SOD!

They may have been walking around with clipboards, but those rulers were never far away!  Looks like I am going to stay after class again today.  DANG!  (One great thing about teachers is that they make you do it over and over until you get it right.)

But it wasn’t all fun and games.  There were many serious meetings that took place.  Sharks circling each other, looking for weakness, waiting to pounce and close the deal.  It was tough, make no mistake!

Advanced Business Strategy in Process

The great part however, was renewing old friendships, remembering why you didn’t particularly like someone, seeing what was new and maybe getting a behind closed-door demo of some of the products.  Which, I must add (lawyers insist) that those games are not business related, just friendly slap and tickle between friends.  Those days of bedroom business are long gone.  Yep, everything is uber-professional now.  Business is business.  And playtime is playtime.  (They don’t call me Tim-Bone for nothing, you know.)

People just could not keep their hands off our toys.


Although that picture reminds me of my ex-wife and her female lawyer…

Needless to say, there were sights to see, things to do and people to meet.  I had a very productive day meeting with some clients discussing new opportunities so that I can get my boss that new Testarossa.  I’m selfless like that.  Ask around.

And since I’ve learned how to add pictures to my posts.  (Promise to learn how to use fewer later.)  There are some other folks that should be recognised.

More Sales People:

More of the Sales Staff!

The Director of Product Development!  (Everything is his fault…)

I'm not sleeping! Just listening!

And of course, the Big Boss!

He is The MAN!

So everyone will be seeing some really great new toys and lubes coming their way this fall.  I’d say 99% of them will be coming from us, Doc Johnson.  But then you might say I am a wee bit prejudiced.

OK, due to the news, I postponed the talk about SRS, Filet O’Penis and lubes until next week.  Guys can be such fraidy-cats about some things.  Me?  I’m going home and making lasagna!

Note to readers in Southern California.  Stock up on your Doc Johnson toys and lubes.  It is going to be a long weekend, so stay home and enjoy yourself!

3 Minute Poem (or, Why Can’t He Just Stick to Science?)

Yes, here is another 3-minute poem from Dr Tim for the holiday.

Why do I call it a 3-minute poem?  Because I refuse to take longer than three minutes to write one.  Cuz you see, man, if you take the time to re-write and edit, it’s no longer real.  It doesn’t have that organic flow and awkward meter.  Ya dig?  Crazy.  Here we go…

Happy Birthday USA! (by Dr Tim 2011)


Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness

Is what they promised me

To live this lifetime free and bold

Was my opportunity

The world says that we’ve gone soft

And we have lost our way

I say America still shows her strength

Every Independence Day

G-d Bless America, Her hopes, Her goals

G-d Bless our Troops so true

When Evil struck, to destroy our dreams

We bled Red, White and Blue

We do not cower, we do not fear

Keeping peace is never fun

But I can guaran-damn-tee you that

Our colors will never run

Now I’m older, beaten on life’s anvil

And long for yester-year

Yet still if you insult my Land

You’ll get a boot right up your rear

Yet on cool, dark nights

Perched high in a tree

I think of things long gone

Let me tell you two or three

For baseball, I miss Willie Mays

For potato chips, please bring me Lay’s

For picnics were the greatest craze

For the holiday, let’s take off the next three days!


So cool cats, next time we’ll talk about SRS, Dilation and why you need a good lube around the house.  Later Daddio!

Airing the Orchid (or Women are Wankers Too!)

Where does the time go?  It seems like I just started celebrating National Masturbation Month and time evaporated.  But no matter how much I whip the weasel, I always return.  Lucky for you the store ran out of oysters!

So let’s talk about the Ladies.  Wait a minute!  Women don’t masturbate.  They never audition the finger puppets, bruise the peach, check for squirrels, diddle the skittle, flick the bean, jill-off, tease the kitten and never engage in genital stimulation via phalangetic motions.   Bullspit!  Ladies have been checking the chowder since they were young.  Oh sure, she may have had a pillow named Lief or a blanket named Shaun, but she was always thinking of you.  Really!  Would a Woman lie?

So how do women masturbate?  There doesn’t seem to be anything that she could really grab and play with effectively.  After all didn’t Rodney Dangerfield say, “As a kid we were so poor that if I hadn’t been born a boy I wouldn’t have had anything to play with!”  Leads one to believe that if he did get a lot of pussy, he had no idea how to treat it.

Let’s see a show of hands now.  How many of you love laundry day for the spin cycle, getting really close to the vacuum handle and why do cell phones have such a strong “vibrate” setting?

Everything is designed to help Momma relieve the tension so she doesn’t kill the kids and bury them under the shed.  Years ago, “hysterical” women received their vibrators via prescription from the doctor.  Please refer to this post: to learn about how little medical science paid attention to women and their anatomy.  Shameful.  That is just one of the many reasons that Dr Tim inspects as much female anatomy as possible!  (Which reminds me, I really should call Debi Diamond.  Miss you!)

So what can Doc Johnson do for you?

Glad you asked.  You may have heard of Dr Susan Block.  She is a brilliant woman who loves sex, masturbation and the bonobos.  You can find a link to her blog here:  Do check out her websites and her live shows.  She is adorable!  I love this woman and have been a fan of hers for a long time.  Maybe someday we can share a chocolate chip cookie.

She is a good friend of Doc Johnson and loves the Original Pocket Rocket.

One of Dr Suzy's Favorites!

This little baby gives an amazing buzz to wherever you care to place it!  Buzz the labia, park it next to the anus and when you place it on your clit, WHOO-HOO!  These are so good, that both of my ex-wives loved this particular piece of electronic wizardry.  In fact, one of them would melt one down every six months or so.  Should’ve invested in batteries instead of Edsels.  Too soon old, too late smart.  (Oh, just in case you were worried about vibrator addiction:

But that’s not all!  For a strong, deep throbbing pulse, check out this one:


Now this gives you a deep throbbing action that will amaze, astound, and make you squeal.  Recommended by our own sales team here at DJ.  And since they are around toys all day, the fact that they specifically asked me to include this one should catch your attention.  I took one home and if you want it, you will have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.  Works wonders on my, um shoulders!  Yeah on my shoulders.  (Actually, it feels great on my lower back too.  Not that low!  Well, maybe, hold me afterwards?)

Am I moving too fast for you?  Let’s slow things down a bit.  How about we get in the mood?  Let’s lower the lights, play some slow, hip-swaying music, maybe pour a glass of our favorite adult beverage.  Feel the light breeze from the ceiling fan?  Relax.  Let your hand drift slowly over your clothed body.  Lose a layer of clothes.  All you have on is your lingerie.  Feels nice.  Oh, you are wearing your Good lingerie too.  Beautiful.  Lets open some body butter and slowly apply it to the top of your breasts.  So smooth and sensual.  Move to your tummy.  You are in great shape.  You must drive the men crazy all day.  If only they could see you now.  So smooth on the legs.  Long slow strokes as the body butter melts into your skin.  Oh yeah, your eyes are half closed and a sly smile spreads across your lips.  You know what’s coming…

Spread it on and feel the bliss.

Now perhaps you would like to reach for that vibrator, dildo or strap-on.  (Remember: If it’s from the Doc, it’s as good as cock! TM)  Feel the buzz, things are getting hotter and wetter.  The dildo slides in so smoothly and fills you up.  How about a dab of lube or a clitoral stimulator?  (Look for Spot-On, coming in July!) Or maybe you are feeling especially naughty…

Now you can do Cowgirl all by yourself.

Or just maybe, well he has been hinting.  Is it time to explore?  Oh yes!

Summer Loving is Backdoor Loving.

Just tease yourself.  You can wait all day, bring yourself up and down.  So close, but wait, catch your breath.  You know the longer it takes, the better it will feel.  Mount that dildo.  Ride it just the way you like it.  lightly touch your nipples, your breasts, that beautiful round butt.  Maybe a pinch or a slap.  Breathe deeply.  gain momentum, your eyes close tightly and then open wide.  Your orgasm crescendos reaching a climax that shatters your mind.  Your nipples are hard, you are soaking wet and slack-jawed you stare at the ceiling.  That smile returns as your eyes close and you drift off to sleep.  To sleep, perchance to dream.  Aye, there’s the rub!

And rub you did.  Well done!  Next time video your experience and send to Dr Tim so that he can praise you mightily and nightly.

So what if times are tough and you can’t afford one of Doc Johnson’s pleasure devices?  Not to worry.  You have plenty of options.  Remember the washing machine, the vacuum?  One can always place a broom or mop between the mattress and box springs for a quick ride.  (Condoms can also help prevent splinters.)  And even a door knob works well.  You do not need a toy to masturbate.  It is important to make some special time to yourself.  Orgasms release endorphins.  They help you stay clam, cool and collected out in the harsh world.  And having regular orgasms give you a sexy air that drive me (men) wild!  Cum early and often.

Of course having a good imagination with a rich fantasy life never hurts either.  I have one.  You can tell because I keep blogging as if someone actually reads it.

Well my hand cramp seems to have relaxed.  And I have four more days to “spend” in the bathroom testing new lubes.  I love my job!

Sexual Enhancements (Or Ways to Get Your Freak On!)

Hi folks!  This is a recently published article I wrote for Doc Johnson.  Below is the unedited version.

Do not worry, we will continue with Female Masturbation on Friday!

When we speak of sexual enhancements, many people automatically think about pills.  Indeed, popping pills seems to have become an essential part of the sexual experience.  Originally designed for men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), herbal substitutes have proliferated at an amazing pace.  However caution must be used before taking any of these supplements.  As many of you have seen or heard, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been watching this category very carefully and has been analyzing samples.  Many have been found to have actual ED drugs or their analogues in them! When those drugs are found, the product must be pulled off the market immediately and as much of it recalled as possible.  This can be very dangerous to your health, so please consult your doctor if you are under medical observation or taking any other medications for your specific condition.   If you are in good health, well, enjoy, but please buy your pills from a reputable vendor.

By the way, the same goes for energy drinks and shots.  Watch that caffeine intake people.  And when you do research that special blend of herbs and spices, be sure you read credible  information.  While there are many websites out there, not all offer scientifically sound and unbiased research.  Stick with sites that end with “.edu” or use or my new  favorite  Yes you may have to look up a few words, but if I can do it, you can too!  Street knowledge is good, many herbalists really know their stuff, but please back it up with science.

But pills are not the only products used for the enhancement of sexual pleasure.  There are many other potions, lotions and gels which can stimulate and please.

Personal Lubricants: Personal lubricants are a great way to enhance the sexual experience.  Many people had their first experience with these at the doctor’s office.  It was thick, gooey and cold!  The field has advanced quite a bit since then.  Now there are lubes with many different consistencies, sensory actions and flavors.  There are different types of lubricants as well.

Silicone lubricants are known for their long-lasting action, even underwater.  They can be difficult to wash off, but probably won’t stain most fabrics.

Water-based lubricants can be fun.  You can get them thick, thin or anywhere in-between. They can also heat, cool or tingle!  Water-based lubricants are great for flavoring.  And while you can find lubes with exotic tastes like black currant or kiwi-goji berry, most people love strawberry and cherry the best.  There is a great variety out there with something for everyone.  Of course, the downside of water-based lubes is that they can dry out and you may need to reapply or add water to get it going again.

Oil-Based lubes or cream lubricants are still popular as well, perhaps not as popular as water-based or silicone, but are still available.  Of course the downside is that oil weakens latex, so please do not use these lubes with condoms!

There are two more classes of sexual enhancement products to discuss; Anatomy-specific and OTC drugs.

The main OTC (Over the Counter) drug is the male genital desensitizer.  The active ingredient is either Benzocaine in a cream, ointment or gel base or Lidocaine in a spray.  These are  applied to the head of the penis, desensitizing it to prevent premature ejaculation.  So by lengthening the time spent during intercourse, the greater the enhancement of pleasure.  In case you wondering how short is too short, the answer is that if bothers you or your partner, then you should give them a try.

Anatomy specific products are just that, designed for a specific part of the body.  These include clitoral stimulation products, nipple products, vaginal tighteners, even deodorants.  Their purpose is to make you more excitable and ready to play.  In fact, that is the goal of all sexual enhancement products, to help you and your partner enjoy sexual encounters even more.

While we would be happy to sell you all of the products listed above and more, the best sexual enhancement we have found is an attentive giving partner who values your pleasure as much as theirs.  And that is priceless.

Priapism (or: How Long is Too Long?)

Today’s topic is near and dear to my heart.  Priapism.

So what is Priapism?  Why is that a bad thing?

Priapism is when the penis or clitoris remains erect for four or more hours with no physical or psychological stimulation.  This is not a good thing.  Believe it or not, priapism can lead to permanent erectile dysfunction, meaning that if it is not treated quickly, the damage caused may prevent you from ever attaining a natural erection again!

There are two types: High flow and low flow.  High flow is rather uncommon and involves a ruptured artery which caused the blood to flow into your penis.  It is like a garden hose where the pressure never relents.  Low flow is when the blood flows into the penis, but cannot get back out.

Causes:  Drug use both prescription and illegal, blood disease like sickle-cell anemia, blood clots, injury to the area, even poisonous venom from a scorpion or black widow spider.

Treatments:  Ice packs, pharmaceuticals and inserting a needle to remove the blood.  That does not sound like any fun at all!

So really, if you have an erection that lasts over four hours, get to the Emergency Room!  Do not risk it.  Cases of pripism with women are possible, but most uncommon.  This is basically a guy thing.

However, there is a major difference between priapism and being a Marathon Sled Dog like Dr Tim!

I am not bragging (OK, I am) but my record sack time was ten and a half hours.  Sure stopping for lunch and a shower made it more like ten hours, but I’m keeping the half.

It is not uncommon for men to be able to last an eternity in the sack, but it is also not always welcome.  If I had a nickel for every time a woman asked me, “Through yet?” I would easily have a dollar and a half today.  Guys, she may want you to last longer, but not all night!  She’s got other stuff to do besides you.  Saying that “We are going to do it all night long!” is a much different reality than actually doing it all night long.  There is chafing, body odors, stiff necks and all sorts of things that are not pretty.

Some of you are going to want to know how to last that long.  Here are a couple of secrets.  Masturbate.  A lot.  You will get so used to your hand with kung-fu grip that the clench of a normal vagina or rectum will not give you the stimulation you need to orgasm.  Not sure how that could be fun.  Another includes body modification, so I think I will not explain it.  Although this may have something to do with my personal longevity.  Which is a pretty interesting story.  We should discuss it someday during the afterglow.

Some guys can do it psychologically.  Train yourself not to orgasm because orgasm equals babies.  Still wear a condom though, pre-cum has sperm in it too.  Then when you get close, back off, give her some face until the feeling passes.  If I deny the first orgasm, I can go just shy of forever.  But make sure that your partner is a willing participant or it may end badly for you.  I had a woman break up with me because she claimed I was faking orgasm.  This woman would cry if she could not get me to cum quickly, so I started faking it.  Funny thing is, the time she accused me of faking it, I hadn’t.  So make sure to keep it real.

Now some of us are just not meant to be marathon men.  Don’t worry about it.  Dr Tim has an answer for you.  Use some of Doc Johnson’s Prolong Male Genital Desensitizer.  Just a dab under the head and you will increase your sack time.  And who knows?  Maybe after a while you won’t need it any more.

So how long is too long?

If you dick doesn’t go down after four hours and you haven’t been playing – run to the doctor.

If you are a marathon sled dog – it’s over when she says it’s over.  Make sure she is happy and just maybe she will stick around to finish you off.


Vibrator Addiction (R-R-R-R-R-Really?)

Vibrator Addiction.  Next on DrTim.  Stay tuned!

The question has been raised.  What are the pros and cons of using a vibrator and can you become addicted?

From bumblebees in a hollow piece of wood to today’s finest metal, plastic and motors, vibrators are a big, big seller.  There are many articles on the history of vibrators. You should look them up.  I’ll wait…

Now that you are either completely knowledgable or thoroughly confused, let’s take a look at the vibrator.  Why does it exist?  Isn’t a dildo or strap-on good enough?

While vibrators have been around for a long, long time, most people believe that they were invented to cure hysteria in women.  Yep.  Only women suffer from hysteria and the only cure is a good orgasm.  Except, back then, hysteria was an excitable condition and women didn’t have orgasms.  Well, the good ones didn’t.  And after all, who isn’t calmer after a good cum?

We’ve come a long way baby!  So, in my warped little mind, here is why they really invented the vibrator.  It has nothing to do with the failure of many men to help their partner achieve orgasm. (Well, maybe a little. See my post about the Amazing Clitoris. (

My belief is that it was either a well-intended lover who created it for their Lady or the Lonely Lady herself.  Dildos have existed much longer than vibrators.  Since the Dawn of Man, we have been looking for things to stick into our orifices.  Us and the bonobos.  We like it.  It feels good.  And we are all really sex-oriented creatures who if we could, would just eat, sleep and fuck like every other animal on the planet.  Blogging?  Who would have the time?

Back to the vibrator.  Dildos are great.  They are sweet, smooth rides that don’t pinch us or pull our hair during the act of masturbation.  However, they don’t move the same way.  I want to believe that the vibrator was invented as an attempt to replicate the heartbeat and quiver of your human lover.  We do not just insert and lie there. Well, the good ones don’t.  But just by being alive we transmit a hum, a frequency, a throbbing to let you know we are there and experiencing emotion.  A dildo is like a Honey Badger.  The Honey Badger don’t care!

But a vibrator!  Ah!  That hums, it vibrates, it has a throb that lets you know it is there and means to take care of business!  It can send your nerve endings into overdrive. Which brings us to Vibrator Addiction…

Does it exist?  I don’t know.  If you research and study long enough, you may find just as many arguments for vibrator addiction as against it.  As for me, I don’t happen to believe in many “ailments” of the modern human.  We seem to be, as a species, intent on discovering conditions in an attempt to cure whatever behavior we do not like in ourselves.  Why?  To make money and let the World know that it is Not Our Fault.

So why use a vibrator?

It is quick, clean, teases us just the right way and it doesn’t snore.  Seriously, vibrators massage our muscles to relieve the tension.  And a little clitoral stimulation is a good thing.  Some folks like to have a vibrator inserted deeply and feel the throb.  It’s all good.  You should buy one.  Or two.  Or twenty!  (Just make sure to look for Doc Johnson on the label!  If it’s from the Doc, it is as good as cock! TM)  Be sure to buy lube too!  I’ll tell you why:

Everything is better with a bit o’lube on it!  If you vibrate dry, penetration is difficult, and you may over-stimulate the nerve endings in your clitoris.  If you over-stimulate, the nerve endings will shut down and you might think that you broke your clit.  You didn’t.  You just gave it an owie.  Take some time to relax.  If you already had an orgasm, slip into a warm tub and soak.  And keep you fingers off it for a while.  It is the same with men.  If they jerk off without lube, the penis becomes a bit numb, delayed ejaculation, chafing and bleeding.  If this is the case.  Just stop touching it!

The lube will keep things slick and moving.  Can you become addicted to masturbation?  Um, I think we all are addicted to masturbation.  It feels good and releases endorphins.

Can you become addicted to vibrators.  Well, sure.  People can become addicted to anything if the set their minds to it.  (We like to use the word Fetish instead of addiction for fun things.)  I wouldn’t recommend using one every time though.  Mix it up, get a human partner, enjoy all of the sensations that life can give you.  However, if you can no longer orgasm without mechanical help or by masturbation, maybe you should talk to someone.  After all, humans were built as social creatures for there is strength in numbers.  But if you are happier that way, who am I to talk?  Be happy.  Sex is whatever you want it to be and as long as you are not damaging anyone physically, emotionally or mentally, have at it.

To sum up:

Pros: Fun, easy, endorphins, easy to hide, easy to clean, won’t hog the covers

Cons: Too much can numb the nerves, can’t hug you after a bad day, never cooks

So like I said, buy sixty or seventy and try them all.  But in my humble opinion, vibrators are the most fun if you use them together.

(Don’t be such a stranger!  Write to me!)

Why Use Lube? (Or Caution, Slippery When Wet!)

Why on earth would anyone use a personal lubricant?  Don’t you know that “If it ain’t Spit, it ain’t Love?”

(Plug: Watch for Sasha’s Love Spit Lubricant from that amazing manufacturer Doc Johnson!)

So, other than paying Dr Tim’s salary, why would anyone use a personal lubricant?  And why are there different kinds?  What’s the dealio?

First off, paying my salary to keep me off the street is a fine and noble reason.  Imagine the trouble I would get into if I didn’t have a place to go during the day.  Now imagine the trouble I get into playing in my laboratory every day.  Now try not to imagine me “testing” all of my lubes and potions.  Yep.  Keep me off the street.  Society will thank you later.

But there are serious and fun reasons to use a personal lubricant as well.

To begin, some women have trouble lubricating naturally.  This could be from a physical or psychological problem.  If you are one of these women, there is no shame in visiting your physician to rectify the situation.  Life is rough with all that stress of daily living, the demands of children and significant others, working in this economy and the joys of menopause can really dry you up.  You are the main reason that personal lubricants were invented.  Everyone should have a fair chance to enjoy sex.  And without lubrication, sex is a rough road to travel.

Technically, personal lubricants were invented so that the doctor could use a speculum or other device in his office without requiring the ladies to become excited enough to self-lubricate.  Dang decent of them.  Now if only they wouldn’t keep those darn tools in the freezer before using them on us!  In fact, one of my favorite lubricant ingredients was designed for pre-lubricated enema tips.  The tips were lubed up and set in an oven, uncovered for over four months.  And they were usable afterwards!  Although I would hate to have been the one upon which they tested them.

And there are lots of fun reasons to use personal lubricants too!  They work great with dildos, vibrators, strap-ons and can be flavored so that your partner doesn’t only have good taste, they taste good too.  And since we are talking about fun uses, let’s talk briefly about the back door.

YES!  Dr Tim Talks Anal Sex Again!  ( and

The anus and anal canal is favorite place to play for many folks.  However, while the anal canal is technically a mucosal membrane it does not self-lubricate the way a healthy vagina does.  You need lube.  Especially for those strap-ons!  Word is, that if you use a warming lube, it will overload their senses hopefully sending them orgasmically out of control.  Be careful, you have been warned.

So why are there so many different types of personal lubricants?  Why are there so many types of shoes?  Different lubricants for different needs and tastes.  Let’s do a brief overview:

Oil-based Lubes:  Some people use baby oil, Crisco or massage oils for lubricant.  Nothing wrong with that.  But remember, oils will rapidly degrade latex, you know, condoms.  Weakened condoms equal broken condoms.  Broken condoms can equal pregnancy or disease.  Pregnancy or disease lead to more complicated lives.  Keep your head in the game people!  Oh yes, these can stain your linens and lingerie.

And Heaven Forbid if you ruin their latex clothing with oil.  That stuff is expensive!  Oil works, its inexpensive and probably everyone has one form or another in their home.  I do not want to know what happened to the olive oil in my kitchen when my son came to stay with me for a while.  (I know.)

Water-based Lubes: Everyone is probably familiar with KY Jelly, one of the best-know personal lubricants on the market.  Not everyone loves it, but hey, the trend had to start somewhere.  So, water-based lubes contain lots of water, a couple of slippery ingredients and preservatives.  Just about any product that is mostly water needs preservatives.  Now some people don’t like certain preservatives and some people don’t care.  You may notice that some of the global companies use preservatives that are out of vogue, but have worked safely for fifty years or more.  Really, this is up to you.  Read my posts about parabens if you like.  (,,

There can also be nice things like flavor, aloe vera, chamomile extract and other fine skin care items.  Folks love these, but they can have a tendency to dry out (water, remember?) and have to be re-applied since your man is a marathon sled dog!  (Go get ’em stud!  You are a Stallion!)  Personal preference, you love them or hate them.  They tend to wash out easily.

Silicone Lubes: Now these bad boys are made from silicone and are different from the others.  Long-lasting, can work underwater and for my money, give the best ride.  Try Doc Johnson’s new iLube!    Drawbacks?  Well not all silicone is created equal and some are definitely better than others.  They could possibly stain your linens depending on the fabric and silicone is not inexpensive.  This is probably the most expensive type of lubricant.

Condom-Compatible?  Well, oil isn’t.  But water-based and silicone can be condom compatible.  But here is the catch: To claim that a lubricant is condom-compatible, it must be a registered medical device and have gone through rather extensive testing including the condom tests.  This takes time and a fair chunk of money.  If you aren’t sure if the company is telling you the truth, call their information number and ask for their 510 (k) number.  It is public information.  Or you can search for the company on the FDA website for medical devices.  But that can get complicated.  You techies out there shouldn’t have a problem though.

To make a long story short, (TOO LATE!) try out some different kinds of lubricants and see which one your prefer.  I prefer that you try all of Doc Johnson’s lubricants first!  Please!  Keep me off public access television!

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Blizzard Watch – Los Angeles! (Or How I survived the winter!)

That’s right!  Blizzard in Los Angeles.  We filled up our gas tanks, we laid in plenty of wood for the fire and stockpiled groceries to the ceiling.  Deep down in our DNA we remember the arctic cold and foraging for scraps in our ancestors’ ancestors’ youth.

And what did we get?  Well, at my house we had about four minutes of hail (pea-sized) and if you squinted very, very hard a few flakes of precious snow.

But we Californians are a hardy bunch, bred from pioneer stock.  By Sunday we regrouped and pulled of the Biggest Award Show of the Year!  (Kirk Douglas is the man!)

Now we know what you folks on the East Coast went through this year.  Brothers in Ice.(TM)  In fact, twitter and facebook were filled with pictures of our single layer accumulation of frozen precipitation.  We were so excited that we resembled crazed weasels on stilts.  What a rush!

What’s that you say?  We are more Brady Bunch than Hardy Bunch?  I’ll have you know that my electric blanket was dialed to “3”!  And it did plummet to 29 degrees F too.  So how did I keep warm?  Hence this brief missive.

A reader asked me the names of my favorite adult performers.  Some you may know, some you may not.  But they were all very instrumental to my psychosexual development.  Just try not to read too much into that…

So, in no particular order, may I present:

Angel (don’t know her last name, but her skin was so alabaster that I thought she was albino!), Janie Robbins, Viper, Marilyn Chambers, Seka, Sulka, Jack Wrangler, Kelli Richards, Taylor St Claire, Vanessa del Rio, Heather Hunter, Christy Canyon, Gianna Michaels, Vaniity, Vanessa Blue, Olivia O’Lovely, Paul Thomas, Sascha (looked like Burt Reynolds), Gia Darling, Debi Diamond, Asa Akira and too many more to name them all.  There are some performers who I only remember how they looked.  Couldn’t get much information from the 8mm loops back in the day.  Especially on the truly kinky films where everyone was masked or hidden.  I’d love to know who those folks were so that I could thank them someday.  Anyone else remember when hardcore sex, SM, GS, etc were all in one film?

And thinking about them, recalling my favorite scenes and actually watching a few kept me more than warm!  These folks truly seemed to enjoy themselves during their scenes and enthusiasm really makes the movie for me.  I even had the pleasure to work with a few of them and enjoyed every minute!  You see, the adult performers who don’t really enjoy the work, the ones who never smile or laugh during their scenes, unless it is some hardcore SM but then those in charge should be having fun too, I tend to forget.  The ones who make me smile and laugh really percolate my hormones.  Love what you do!  Oral, anal, kink, BD/SM, straight, gay, bi, trans – live it and love it!  And if you use toys or lubes – be sure to bring your Official Doc Johnson goods to the party!

Today’s Lesson:  Adult performers are human, just like us.  Some are grateful, some are not.  Some are a joy to work with/hang out with and some you never want to see again.  Some love their job, others are just in it for a paycheck.

I love my job.  How are you doing today?

As always, send questions, notes, paypal transfers to:  And if you are an adult performer who wants to be on my list for some reason, show me how you love your job.

Valentine’s Day (or Get your Heart-On!)

Seriously, how could I not do a special Valentine’s Day Post?  All the other bloggers are doing it!  (And if they all jumped off a bridge, well I would double-check my bungee cord!)

Sex.  Valentine’s Day is all about sex.  No, no!  Do not even try to deny it.  You come across with the goods and they just plain cum.

Chocolates for sex or sex for diamonds it is all the same.  (G-d bless the chocolates ladies!  The Boss pays me well, but not that well!)

So let’s talk about chocolate!  Eating chocolate can simulate those warm, gooey feelings of being in love.  How?  Well, chocolate has many different chemicals in it that can really help.  For example:  The chemicals in chocolate affect levels of the body’s mood-affecting chemicals, which include serotonin, endorphins, theobromine and phenylethylamine. Serotonin is a chemical messenger in the brain that affects emotions, behavior, and thought. Endorphines are chemicals in the brain that are responsible for positive moods. Theobromine is stimulant found in cocoa which gives chocolate mood elevating effects. Phenylethylamine is a naturally occurring neuroamine which has been shown to relieve depression, increase attention and promote energy. Your body releases phenylethylamine in response to romance.

WHEW!  Science on a holiday.  I am truly a madman.  Chocolate, dark chocolate especially, contains many essential vitamins and minerals for your body’s health.    Oh, and it appears that the antioxidants in dark chocolate can increase you “good” HDL cholesterol levels.  Try to keep it to two ounces a day though.

I know, everything to excess, moderation is for monks.  But monks tend to live quite a while and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the adventure would you?

Now some of you folks out there are wondering, is it OK to indulge in anal sex or breast copulation (Tit-fucking) on Valentine’s Day?  Sure it is!  After all, what other body parts are heart-shaped?  Turn that tushie upside down and there is a beautiful heat for you to penetrate with your Cupid’s arrow.  And when you cup her breasts, ta-daaa!  Another heart shape.  Just meant to be written on with your own special ink.  Just be sure to lend a warm washcloth or whatever help she desires to clean up.

So bring home the chocolates, the flowers, the panties, the jewelry and most importantly the Doc Johnson lubricants and toys.  (Remember? I work there.)  Show your Significant Other how much you love, how much you think and how much you desire to hold them, tease them and please them.  And just maybe, if you are sincere, you will get an extra helping of good loving in return.

Hopefully, today isn’t the only day you are scheduled to have sex.  My love knows no time or date.  Heck it doesn’t even own a calendar!  But if this is the one day when the two of you can let down your defences and joyfully give yourselves to each other, do not let any one spoil your day.  For today is all about Love, which coincidentally is the story about my life. 

My life is about Love.  What’s yours?

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